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All Power To The Positive!
Category: Liberal (Left)
Location: Planet Earth
Hip-Hop [and more] for the 'Politically Erect' (Lol)!
All Power To The Positive!

by All Power T...
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February 25, 2014 11:00 PM PST

Murderous Rage.


"Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight."

-Phyllis Diller



"On Saturday, 20+ SeaSol members marched down to Bombay Grill for a picket. Our chanting must have preceded us because by the time we were within line of sight the restaurant had already shuttered, despite their regularly scheduled buffet.
Within a few minutes, Glen came out to negotiate. He continued to insist that the check he'd given us was valid and that we ought to stop picketing. We weren't having any of that. We told him if he wanted to prove it, he could go get a cashier's check and come back to the picket line. He said he could meet us that afternoon, but "just stop with this picketing business." Our response was incredulous. We'll be here until you show us the goods.
He showed up a half hour later, cashier's check in hand. We'd already shut down the lunch buffet - not a single person crossed the picket line - and so after a huddle we walked off almost-victorious.
Later that afternoon, we met Glen at Wells Fargo with Jose. We joined him at those awkward little sofas and stared at each other. Glen couldn't stop talking about how much he "loved Jose as a brother" and really wanted to help him. Adeline and I were not amused, and Jose was seething. But we refused to respond. I simply interpreted for Jose, which made Glen babble even more. He seemed to be desperately trying to save face. Thankfully, he'd left his attack dog (Kailash) at home.
A few minutes later, after a quick notarized form saying the matter was settled, Jose had a $2,261.30 check in hand.
Direct action gets the goods!"
"Hola a todos,

El sábado, 20 + miembros Seasol marcharon hasta Bombay Grill para un piquete. Nuestro canto debe habernos precedido, porque por el tiempo que estuvimos dentro de la línea de la vista el restaurante ya había cerrado, a pesar de que su buffet era regularmente programada.

A los pocos minutos , Glen salió a negociar. Continuó insistiendo en que el cheque que nos había dado era válida y que deberíamos dejar de piquetes. Nosotros no íbamos a creer nada de eso. Le dijimos que si quería probarlo, él podría ir a buscar un cheque de caja y volver a la línea de piquete . Él dijo que nos podía satisfacer esa tarde, pero "simplemente pare con estos piquetes ". Nuestra respuesta fue sencillo: estaremos aquí hasta que nos muestre el cheque.

Se presentó una media hora más tarde, cheque de caja en la mano. Ya habíamos cerrado el buffet - ni una sola persona ha cruzado la línea de piquetes - y así que después de un discusion, caminamos fuera casi sintiendo victorioso.

Por la tarde, nos encontramos en Wells Fargo con José. Nos unimos a Glen en esos pequeños sofás incómodos y nos miramos el uno al otro .Glen no podía dejar de hablar de lo mucho que "amó a José como a un hermano " y realmente quería ayudarle . Adeline y yo no les hizo gracia, y la cara de José estaba furioso. Pero nos negamos a responder. Simplemente interpreté a José, lo que hizo Glen barbota aún más.Parecía estar tratando desesperadamente de guardar la aparencia. Por suerte, él dejó a su perro de ataque (Kailash) en la casa.

Unos minutos más tarde , después de una forma notariada corta diciendo que el asunto se resolvió, José tenía un cheque de $2,261.30 en la mano .

¡La acción directa hacia la victoria siempre!"





"I'm A Man" - Spenser Davis Group

"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"I Ain't Heard Of That" - Slim Thug

"Ghostwriter" - RJD2

"Black Tee" - Gucci Mane



"Work Boots" - Tyrone

"Life Is Simple (part1)" - J. Pinder

"Electric Pow-Wow" - A Tribe Called Red

"Dirtyrugz" - Fleeta Partee

"Higher Love" - Whitney Houston

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke



Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report), Gun Laws And Crime Prevention, Chokwe Lumumba (1948-2014. RIP), and MORE...!

February 23, 2014 06:06 AM PST

Pseudo-Intellectual Masturbation (In Public).


"I don’t even like the word politics. It implies something underhanded and I think we need less government."

  -- Jay-Z; right before endorsing Barack Obama.



"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Oochi Wally" - Nas

"Busy" - Rocko



"Battle Cry"- Angel Haze ft. Sia

"Relax, Kids" -MGMT vs. Mika (Mash-Up)

"White Like Me" - Marcel Cartier

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke



F--k George Zimmerman, Commentary from Sensei Lewis and Jacob Brown, and alot MORE! 

February 17, 2014 11:45 PM PST

Oppression Makes A Lasting Impression



"Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any given moment."

- Dr. Huey P. Newton



"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Thank You" - Led Zeppelin

"Jar Of Cookies" - Mr. Stewart

"Y-U Smilin'" - Andre Nickatina

"Run Like Hell" - Pink Floyd



"The Real Huey Newton" - Jasiri X

"True Mastery" - Sa Roc

"Simply Falling" - Iyeoka

"Coup De Limonade" - G-Dragon and Gucci Mane (Mashup)

"A Change Is Gonna Come"- Sam Cooke



The Murder of Jordan Davis (RIP), Frank (The Frank, Bobby Seale (Black Panther Party), 1/4 Of All U.S. Presidents Owned Slaves, and MORE...!

February 14, 2014 12:06 AM PST

In Amerikkka, Fluff Is Substance.

"Temple University needs to be taught a lesson, and so does Dr. Molefi Asante, the professor who chairs the university’s African American Studies department. Both Temple University and Dr. Asante must be made accountable for their crimes of arrogance and disrespect to Black Philadelphia and to African Americans at large.

Temple University, an elite white-run institution, and Molefi Assante, a man who claims to be a disciple of Afrocentricity, have conspired to fire the brilliant public intellectual and activist Dr. Anthony Monteiro, who has been an associate professor in African American Studies for the past ten years. We know why Temple University might resent Dr. Monteiro, who has worked tirelessly to bring the surrounding Black community onto the campus, and to make the university more accountable to its Black neighbors. It is to be expected that an elite white institution might be uncomfortable with a scholar like Dr. Monteiro, who organized on-campus events in defense of Mumia Abu Jamal and other political prisoners. And, it should come as no surprise that Temple’s white overseers might not appreciate Dr. Monteiro’s deep knowledge of, and commitment to, the Black liberation struggle – that he lives what he teaches. In short, there is no mystery to Temple University’s refusal to renew Dr. Monteiro’s contract. It’s called racism in higher education, 101. And we know how to deal with it.

However, Dr. Molefi Asante’s betrayal is much more hurtful. He has put his considerable prestige at the service of racists, while stabbing Dr. Monteiro in the back and spitting in the face of every Black Philadelphian who has had the misfortune to trust Asante. Last year, student and community protests forced the university to back off a plan to take away the African American Studies department’s autonomy, and to name a white woman with no expertise in the subject as chairperson. At least twice, Dr. Asante was threatened with firing. Instead, the community and student forces that Dr. Monteiro had helped summon, won the day. With Dr. Monteiro’s support, Dr. Asante was named department chairman.

Just a few months later, the white female dean of liberal arts refused to renew Anthony Monteiro’s contract, effectively firing him. What was Dr. Asante’s response? Asante confirmed that the dean had consulted him about the firing, and that his position was that Dr. Monteiro “has a year to year contract and it’s up to the dean.” Then Asante shuffled, like a minstrel in a dashiki. He said he couldn’t “worry about… if somebody signs a contract and then gets upset when someone says your year is up.”

Dr. Asante may have earned the gratitude of his masters at Temple University, but his tenure as a person of respect in Black America, is over. Asante is a back-stabber who should never again be allowed into a position of Black trust, a grasping opportunist who apparently believes that “Afrocentricity” means everything revolves around him. The university’s dean would not have fired Dr. Monteiro if she hadn’t been confident that Uncle Asante had her back – that he would provide Black cover for the racist termination of his colleague.

Therefore, two things must happen in this fight. One, Dr. Monteiro must be reinstated. Two, Molefi Asante must be shunned and expelled from the company of honest people for his treachery."

- Reinstate Anthony Monteiro! Shun and Denounce the Betrayer, Molefi Asante!

Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report.




"Bad Babysitter" - Princess Superstar

"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Show Me" - Kid Ink, ft. Chris Brown

"Read About It" - Professor Green



"Music" - Mic Crenshaw, ft. Joss Stone and Lauryn Hill

"Which Side Are You On (Remix)" - Rebel Diaz, dead prez, and Rakaa Iriscience

"What Is Love?" - Haddaway

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke



Bruce Dixon (Black Agenda Report), Q&A From The EZLN Escuelita (December, 2013)--Part 1, Omali Yeshitela (African Peoples Socialist Party) Speaks With Nick Brown (, and MORE...! 

February 12, 2014 03:00 AM PST

Spending Cuts/Fiscal Discipline



"Struggle fails when the system destroys your heart."

- Pio.



"It Wont Stop"- Sevyn Streeter

"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Racks" - YC

"Rider" - Rich Kidz



"Get On the Floor" - Rebel Diaz

"Betrayal"- Gangstarr, ft. Scarface

"Who Is He?" - Mike Marshall

"All Praises"- Nu Dekades

"Maiden Goes To Bollywood (Iron Maiden vs Dhoom 2)" - Wax Audio

"Down Ina Babylon" - Lee Perry and Prince Jammy

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke



SWAT Team Vs. Child, Boycott/Divest From Israel, San Francisco: Citizens Defend Themselves from Police Terrorism, and MORE...!

February 09, 2014 03:09 AM PST

Black Twistery.


"I want to first acknowledge the genocidal acts committed against the First Nations People and the suffering they have endured that has made it possible for us to be here today on Turtle Island.

I also want to acknowledge the 25 million African slaves that perished during the great genocidal slave trade, and may we never forget their sacrifice.

We are gathered here today, as we are every year, to honor the memory of Martin LutherKing, Jr. It took his courage and that of civil rights activist Medgar Evers and thousands of others to change the evil institution of racism. It took both white and black willing to stare death in the face.  

Today, we must realize that Martin wasn’t just a civil rights fighter but he also was a revolutionary, doing what revolutionaries do: fighting for change. His enemies considered him a radical, as he used radical tactics to confront the barbaric system of segregation. He will also be remembered for his radical positions such as coming out against the Vietnam War. That was not a popular stance among his peers. And because of that, he was a target for assassination. And he knew that his death was eminent. He was ready to die and ready to sacrifice his life to change a system like no other in the world.

And his death led to thousands of young people of all colors to join revolutionary organizations. And Martin’s death also led to the death of Lil’ Bobby Hutton,the first Panther recruited and the first Panther to die. Martin’s death most certainly led to my entrance into the BPP.

Martin likened the fight for integration as a fight to enter into a burning building. He began to have doubts about the fight for integration. He had begun to realize that America, with its racist, imperial and deceitful practices, was a far more immoral place than he had realized. But he had hopes that we could put the fire out. Instead we became part of the fire and we even have contributed to the growth of this imperial fire that is so out of control that it is threatening to consume the entire planet. This is an empire that has overthrown many democratically elected countries, leading to the deaths of millions of people the world over.

In these times of uncertainty, I am sure you have thought, “What would Martin be fighting for today and speaking out against?” If Martin were alive today, he would be a leading voice to end the occupation of Palestine by Israel that receives $3 billion a year from the US. Martin would lead the fight to end theUS drone warfare escalated by Obama that has murdered thousands of innocent civilians. He would be the loudest voice to end mass incarceration of two and a half million mostly black and Latino men and women. Martin would be ashamed of Obama for deporting two million immigrants who are separated from their families and many who will face murder, rape, torture, and despair.

A great illusion has been played on the American people when we see a smiling Oprah on the cover of her magazine. We are led to believe that everything is all right. Well everything is not all right. It’s not all right when you have 20,000 homeless youth in New York. Everything is not all right when you have the second largest homeless encampment of 50,000 plus in the world in Los Angeles. Everything is not all right when you have an educational system with standard testing that takes away the usability of critical thinking and imagination, and is ultimately designed to favor the white and the rich over the youth of color and the poor. Everything is not all right with the constant poisoning of our waters and our farmlands by the corporate industrial complex that mounts a war on Mother Earth.

How can we the 99 percent allow this to happen? We are the majority. The corporate, the military and the prison industrial complexes are in the minority. We have the power. We just don’t realize it; we are too divided to make our voices heard.It’s time for us to wake up out of this zombie-like state. It is time for us to get back to that communal spirit, like we were in the 60s. We are in this fight together. And if we don’t fight, we will perish. 

What if nobody shopped on Black Friday? What if everyone refused to shop at Wal-Mart or eat at McDonalds for even one day? What if, like the Garfield School teachers here, all the teachers refused to administer testing programs? What if one million people descended on the Capitol, blocking all roads until the Congress, the Senate and the President agreed to end mass incarceration? Until those in power agreed to provide decent housing for everyone? Until they agree to allow community control of our schools and of the police in our communities? Until they stop the support of Israel in order to end the occupation? Until they devise a true pathway to citizenship for the millions of immigrants who are in an unpredictable nightmare? And until they agree to end the ferocious capitalist war on our environment?

So let’s start working towards building unity, building broad coalitions, and making friends with those we never before considered talking to. Remember, we have the power.

In the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr., All Power to the People."


-  Aaron Dixon, former Captain of the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party (BPP).Keynote Speech on Seattle's MLK Celebration Day. January 20th, 2014.Garfield High School, Seattle, WA.




"The Emperor's Soundtrack"- Lupe Fiasco

"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"They Point"- E-40

"Los Mate" - Tego Calderon

"Hard Work" - YB Muzik



"Soul Clap" - Sly and The Family Stone

"Watch For The Hook"-Cool Breeze ft. Outkast & Goodie Mob

"In The Woods" - Fly Moon Royalty

"Chasing Dreams"- Rey Resurreccion

"No Pasa Nada" - Olmeca

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke



Malcolm X, F--k The E.U., Chris Hedges, and MORE!

February 06, 2014 10:21 PM PST

Don't Rock The Boat. It Might Tip Over. Or So They Claim.











From the Universidad de la Tierra of Oaxaca we pronounce ourselves students of the Zapatista Little School and adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle in relation to the recent aggressions that our compañeras and compañeros of the support bases of the ejido 10 de abril, autonomous municipality in rebellion 17 de noviembre, suffered on the part of the “democratic” CIOAC.

On February 1st, the compañer@s of the Good Government Council of the Caracol of Morelia denounced the attack perpetrated by the Independent Center of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos (CIOAC) where compas were critically injured and others sustained minor injuries, as well as the agressions that the personnel of the Hospital San Carlos received from CIOAC, those who obstructed the realization of their activities at all costs. 

With pain and rage we raise our voice in the city of Oaxaca. This aggression is the mirror of the collapse of the bad governments and the media at the service of the power and the clumsy decisions they want to hide, dress up and silence. They won't be successful, just like they won't be able to attack zapatista autonomy. We consider this aggression within the framework of the violence and repression that the whole country is living today and especially an attack against independent and autonomous organizations. Here in Oaxaca they constantly attack all those who oppose the deadly megaprojects and those who fight against political imprisonment—inside and outside of jail.

We must remind the students and remember as students [of the Escuelita] that the compañer@s opened the doors of their homes to us, shared with us their struggle, gave us the chance to know their resistance from the inside and see with our own eyes the organization of daily life and rebellion. Today we join in the denouncements that compañer@s of different parts of the world are making, we embrace all of the compañer@s zapatista support bases of Ejido 10 de abril and we say to them from Oaxaca that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! IF THEY MESS WITH THE ZAPATISTAS THEY MESS WITH ALL OF US!

We make a call to all of the adherents of the Sixth Declaration and the students of the Zapatista Little School to protest and mobilize for our zapatista compas, each one in their own modes and forms according to their possibilities and geographies. This is the moment to demonstrate that the Little School and the latest forces of the Zapatista peoples are building bridges with national and international civil society. We will use our spaces, streets and plazas to disseminate and inform about this aggression and to prevent that it be repeated.








"Right Where You Stand" - Gang Starr

"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Switches" - Eazy-E

"10 Toes" - Nipsey Hustle

"Don't Judge Me"- Snow Tha Product, ft. Ty Dollar Sign



"My Soul" - Big Cakes

"Cradle of Civilization" - Lowkey, ft. Mai Kalil

"Silence Is Consent" -Poetic Pilgrimage & Mohammed Yahya

"Far East Dub" - Black Uhuru

"A Change Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke



Exploding Cellphones and Laptops, Imperialism in Crisis, Mumia Abu-Jamal. and MORE!

February 01, 2014 11:49 PM PST

Hit The Bong, Not Each Other.


"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral system that glorifies it."

-Frederick Bastiat



"Thrift Shop" - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Teacups Of Our Ashes" - Man Mantis

"Long Time" - Turf Talk, ft. Problem

"Get Lucky" - Daft Punk



"The Blooming" - Maimouna Youssef

"Wrath of the Siafu" - Zayd Malik, El Sun, Ekundayo, Methuzulah, Mike Flo, G.R.E.A.T. Scott, FluxWonda, Isreal, Sa Roc, Chosen, and StaHHr

"Take Me Home" - Brother Ali

"Johnny Cash Rules Everything Around Me" - Johnny Cash/Wu-Tang Clan (Mash-up)

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke



Medical Marijuana and The NFL, 80,000 on Strike in South Africa, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and alot MORE!

January 28, 2014 11:30 PM PST

Brutality, Cowardice, And Despair Are More Addictive Than Booze, Crack, Or Heroin.



"I'm done. I've just decided I'm leaving FB. I can no longer sit here and waste my own precious time making post after post, caring enough to try to show you people what's going on, when nobody cares.

And by the looks of things, how things are going, nothing is going to change the apathetic people in the world. I can post all day long, til I am blue in the face... it does no good. Humans are EVIL, HATEFUL, GREEDY, SELFISH AND DISGUSTING HYPOCRITICAL MORONS. And to be quite frank, I'm not sure I care to save any of these morons anymore. What's the god damned point? I don't like what humans are doing and I think we all deserve to die for allowing things to get this bad. Especially when we have sat back and done absolutely nothing to help any of the humans who have been subjected to GENOCIDE for the past 6000 +years.


NOTHING HAS CHANGED. HUMANS ARE ALL TOO APATHETIC. Way to go, 'Merica. You are all a bunch of heartless morons."

- Jan Ette (from fb)



"Better Off Dead" - Klaus Prime

"Start The Revolution"- Marcel Cartier

"Please Don't Stop The Music" - Rihanna

"Bath Salts" - Co$tna

"I Try"-Talib Kweli

"No Church In The Wild" - Kanye West & Jay-Z



"I Run The Military" - Baracka Flocka Flames

"Something Is Wrong" - David Banner

"Just Like That" - KRS One

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke


Vicki (Youth Anti-Violence Project), Omali Yeshitela (African Peoples Socialist Party) with Davy D (, Kshama Sawant (Seattle City Council; Socialist Alternative), Mexico: The People Vs. The Drug Cartels (and The Government), Ashanti Alston, and MORE!

January 27, 2014 04:40 AM PST

Hope: The Other Opium Of The Masses.




"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




"Purple Stuff" - Big Moe

"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Only U" - Sonic Legion

"Lime Light" - Busy Works Beats

"Acid Rain" - Chance The Rapper



"Dare To Struggle" - Marcel Cartier

"Jesus Christ Pose" - Wheedle's Groove

"Friends Like These" - Boog Brown, ft. Kam Moye

"Knocking On Heaven's Door" - Judy Mowatt

"A Change is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke



Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report), Jacob Brown on the Ukraine uprising, The EZLN 20 Years Later, and MORE...!

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