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All Power To The Positive!
Category: Liberal (Left)
Location: Planet Earth
Hip-Hop [and more] for the 'Politically Erect' (Lol)!
All Power To The Positive!

by All Power T...
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June 06, 2014 05:35 PM PDT
May 08, 2013 11:46 AM PDT

Yes, It Is The Same Old KKKrap. Really.


“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.”

  -Maya Angelou




"Intro To XX" - XX

"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Molly" - Jus Charlie

"New Decade" - Radikal Guru

"Flagrant" - Choclair

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke




"Stomp 'Em In The Nuts" - Thugnificent

"Why I Get High" - Mike Marshall, ft.Opio

"Work Everyday" - Brother Ali

"I Still Believe"- Lowkey, ft. Akala and Black The Ripper



May Day 2013, Frank Page (, Mumia Abu-Jamal (Espanol), CIA Propaganda And Sabotage Tactics, and MORE...!

May 03, 2013 08:52 PM PDT

Had Enough, Yet...?


“If someone puts their hands on you make sure they never put their hands on anybody else again.”

- Malcolm X.



"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Clap Back" - Ja Rule

"Ghetto Organ"- Jackie Mittoo

"Never Blink" - The Jacka

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke



"Mama Do The Hump"- Rizzle Kicks

"Let It Whip"- Dazz Band

"Chronicles" - Nissim



Don't Talk To The FBI, Fast Food Workers Strike, Workers' Self- Management, Bruce Dixon (Black Agenda Report), Political Exile Assata Shakur: In Her Own Words, and MORE...!

April 29, 2013 07:43 AM PDT

Slam The Door On Government Repression.



"Under the rule of a repressive whole, liberty can be made into a powerful instrument of domination."

-Herbert Marcuse




"Smooth Jazz Hip Hop" - ???

"Unsolved Mysteries" -Sabac

"Sad Choir" - Wattsonebeats

"Do It For The Bay" - Main Attrakions

"B---h" - E40, ft. Too $hort

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke



"Free From Chains" -Kabaka Pyramid

"Madonna Vs. Sex Pistols (Mash-Up)" - ???

"You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train" - Vinnie Paz




Do NOT Speak To The FBI (or Other Law-Enforcement) Without A Lawyer Present...Ever, Darrell Davis (, Bruce Dixon (,Frank Page (, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and MORE...!

April 26, 2013 02:29 AM PDT

Hypocrisy Detains Hope In Solitary...Indefinitely.


“And when I speak, I don't speak as a Democrat. Or a Republican. Nor an American. I speak as a victim of America's so-called democracy. You and I have never seen democracy - all we've seen is hypocrisy. When we open our eyes today and look around America, we see America not through the eyes of someone who has enjoyed the fruits of Americanism. We see America through the eyes of someone who has been the victim of Americanism. We don't see any American dream. We've experienced only the American nightmare.”

- Malcolm X



"Can I Get A Witness?" - Funk Brothers

"All Of The Lights" - Kanye West, ft. Rihanna and Kid Cudi

"Hard Times Riddim" - Anaba

"Tonight" - Lil B



"Superheroes" - Mic Crenshaw, ft. Stic Man (dead prez)

"Hopeless" - Dionne Ferris

"Freedom" - Richie Havens (RIP)

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Francesco



Racism via Instagram, Wanda Johnson (Mother of Police Terrorism Victim Oscar Grant), FBI-Sponsored Terrorism since 9-11, and MORE...!

April 22, 2013 12:00 AM PDT

Life As A Cheap Commodity.



"The breaded chicken patty your child bites into at school may have been made by a worker earning twenty cents an hour, not in a faraway country, but by a member of an invisible American workforce: prisoners. At the Union Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison in Florida, inmates from a nearby lower-security prison manufacture tons of processed beef, chicken and pork for Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises [2] (PRIDE), a privately held non-profit corporation that operates the state’s forty-one work programs. In addition to processed food, PRIDE’s website reveals an array of products for sale through contracts with private companies, from eyeglasses to office furniture, to be shipped from a distribution center in Florida to businesses across the US. PRIDE boasts that its work programs are “designed to provide vocational training, to improve prison security, to reduce the cost of state government, and to promote the rehabilitation of the state inmates.”

Although a wide variety of goods have long been produced by state and federal prisoners for the US government—license plates are the classic example, with more recent contracts including everything from guided missile parts to the solar panels powering government buildings—prison labor for the private sector was legally barred for years, to avoid unfair competition with private companies. But this has changed thanks to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), its Prison Industries Act, and a little-known federal program known as PIE (the Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program [3]). While much has been written about prison labor in the past several years, these forces, which have driven its expansion, remain largely unknown.

Somewhat more familiar is ALEC’s instrumental role in the explosion of the US prison population in the past few decades. ALEC helped pioneer some of the toughest sentencing laws on the books today, like mandatory minimums for non-violent drug offenders, “three strikes” laws, and “truth in sentencing” laws. In 1995 alone, ALEC’s Truth in Sentencing Act [4] was signed into law in twenty-five states. (Then State Rep. Scott Walker was an ALEC member when he sponsored Wisconsin's truth-in-sentencing laws and, according to PR Watch, used its statistics to make the case for the law.) More recently, ALEC has proposed innovative “solutions” to the overcrowding it helped create, such as privatizing the parole process through “the proven success of the private bail bond industry,” as it recommended in 2007. (The American Bail Coalition is an executive member of ALEC’s Public Safety and Elections Task Force.) ALEC has also worked to pass state laws to create private for-profit prisons, a boon to two of its major corporate sponsors: Corrections Corporation of America and Geo Group (formerly Wackenhut Corrections), the largest private prison firms in the country. An In These Times investigation [5] last summer revealed that ALEC arranged secret meetings between Arizona’s state legislators and CCA to draft what became SB 1070, Arizona’s notorious immigration law, to keep CCA prisons flush with immigrant detainees. ALEC has proven expertly capable of devising endless ways to help private corporations benefit from the country’s massive prison population."

-"The Hidden History of ALEC and Prison Labor."; Mike Elk and Bob Sloan.




"1) Under the current capitalist-imperialist system, a majority of humanity located primarily in the peripheral Third World is ground down and exploited under the weight of a minority of imperialist-led classes which are numerically dominant in core-zone First World economies. The contradiction between the masses exploited by imperialism and the minority of classes which benefit from imperialism is primary today.

2) The masses of the First World are typically net-exploiters whose incomes are above the value they create. This is accomplished primarily through imperialist exploitation of Third World peoples. Such ‘wages of imperialism’ have the economic function of saturating wealth in First World core-zone economies and an ideological function of transforming the masses in these economies into agents of global oppression and capitalist-imperialism.

3) Understanding class dynamics is essential to Marxism as a revolutionary science. The formation, relation, and reproduction of classes is not some passing question, but has far-reaching implications for those who want social revolution. Whether or not one has a correct view of modern classes is a key indicator of whether or not they are a genuine Communist.

4) Imperialism is decadent capitalism which both sustains itself through the ongoing exploitation of the Third World-centered proletariat and sets itself against the long-term interests of humanity. Opulence, security, and stability for a few exist against a backdrop of endemic poverty, massive disruption of natural environmental metabolic processes, growing militarism, and increased waste. This contradiction can only lead to the increased formalized oppression of the world’s masses or socialist revolution against capitalist-imperialism.

5) Revolution is not a straight line. Following socialist revolution, the potential exists for the emergence of a new bourgeoisie which will use positions of authority to seize power, halt class struggle, and reconcile with imperialism as a new local ruling class within the world-system. This trend must be checked by the continuation of class struggle under socialism until capitalist-imperialism has been defeated and communism is built.

6) Communism is the eradication of all forms of oppression and the development of a society without a state as an instrument of oppression, in which each person works according to their ability and receives according to their need. Under communism, the creative and productive spirit of individuals and society is unleashed, and people will no longer live or view themselves in direct contradiction to each other or the natural world..."

- Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement; 12 Point Program.




"Those threats were made against me and my comrades because a few people felt we had brought what they considered to be an “outside agenda” to this protest.

What did these people consider an “outside agenda"? The truth that this seemingly never ending chain of police murder of Black and Latino people was a horror built into the very fabric of this capitalist system and that it would take Revolution—Nothing Less! to end it once and for all. And that we challenged everybody at this protest who wondered what if anything could be done to stop this horror to get serious and get with the revolution. And even worse in the eyes of those issuing the threats, we gave people a real way to do that, by getting Revolution newspaper and checking out the film BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!

This is no “outside agenda.” It is the real answer to “How Long?”—“How long are we going to have to endure the cops murdering our youth and almost never being punished for their crimes? Until a revolutionary people numbering in the millions is brought forward and unleashed to lead millions more in doing away with this system thru revolution and building a totally different and far better world in its place.” The seemingly never ending chain of police murders points you in the direction of this answer. But this answer so angered a few people at the protest that they responded with threats of physical attacks.

What answers did these people have to “How Long?” One called for making the police more accountable and for giving the cops better training. In other settings, people have spoken of getting a new mayor and a new police chief as the way to deal with the horror of police murder. These come down to nothing more than tired, played out bullshit! I’ve been dealing with police murder for four decades now, and I’ve heard all this crap put forward as ways to deal with police murder.

Let’s be for real. The police are the front line enforcers for the capitalist system. That’s what they’re accountable to. Their role is to keep the inequality, exploitation and oppression that system inflicts on the people in effect. They get recruited and trained to play that role, and they get promoted and rewarded for playing it. These ways of dealing with the horror of police murder come down to telling people asking “How Long?”—“Forever”!

That’s what is at the heart of the controversy brewing over the dangerous and divisive actions engaged in at the March 24 “Justice for Kimani Gray” protest called by SMIN and over the Statement “Our Movement of Resistance Needs a Lot of Room for Dialogue and Discussion, But NO ROOM FOR ATTACKS AND THREATS OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE!” (See the statement online at The revolutionaries came to that protest with an answer of “Revolution—Nothing Less!” to the question of “How Long?” A few people responded by trying to shut down that answer as being something imposed from the “outside.” Their answers to “How Long?” come down to condemning the masses to suffer this injustice, and all the other horrors this system enforces, “Forever.”


- Carl Dix; National Spokesperson, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.




"...Occupy, he writes, spurred a 'revival of revolutionary imagination that the conventional wisdom has long since declared dead.'

Graeber's purpose in "The Democracy Project" is two-fold: first, to make a reasoned case for revolution, arguing that our ostensibly democratic system had become so servile to the whims of the financial elite that "the only way to restore us to lives of minimal decency was to come up with a different system entirely"; and second, to rehabilitate anarchism, that most scorned and misunderstood of political philosophies, and place it at the center of the Occupy narrative.

Occupy, Graeber argues, was an almost inconceivable thing, a mass, mainstream American anarchist movement.

'The movement did not succeed despite the anarchist element,' he writes. 'It succeeded because of it.' ..."

- David Graber, author of "Debt: The First 5,000 Years"; from an interview in the L.A. Times.




"Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey

"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier (Season #3 theme song)

"What's Good?" - Young Savage

"Pur Bogota" - Don Joe

"Everyday Is Halloween" - Lil Chriiz and RJB




"Wake Up Everybody" - John Legend; ft. The Roots, Common, and Melanie Fiona

"The Beatles vs. MGMT (Mash Up)" - The Ethiopian DJ

"Revolution" - Bob Marley and The Wailers

"Boom Boom" - Kaydonica

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Harlem Boys Choir




CISPA passes the U.S. Senate,  The Colonial/Criminal Mentality and Capitalism,  Amerikkka: Wars All Over The World/Prison Strikes/Domestic Terrorism, and MORE...!

April 19, 2013 10:28 AM PDT

The World Is A Rip-Off.



"I can see through almost any scam, especially one perpetrated by the federal government. I can see through it... they can't pull the wool over my eyes, it's absolutely freakin' impossible to pull the wool over my eyes about the government."

- Gary Coleman





"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Beat It Up" - Deathstroke and Domeno

"Summer Love" - Justin Timberlake

"Ghetto Queen" - Trae



"Abandoned" - Black Stax

"Crooklyn Dodgers (Remix)" - Crooklyn Dodgers, Smokey Robinson And The Miracles, Bean One

"[Whole Lotta] Drop It Like Its Hot (Remix)" - Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, Led Zeppelin

"Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Live)" - Michael Rose

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Mona



Glen Ford ( on Obama In Africa, Syrian Rebel Leader Pledges Loyalty To Al-Qaida, Nick Brown ( on Modern Class Analysis, and MORE...! 

April 17, 2013 05:01 PM PDT

The Astute Vs. The A$$Hatic (Part 3): [Bowel] Movement Of The Working Class.



"There are but three ways for the populace to escape its wretched lot. The first two are by the routes of the wine-shop or the church; the third is by that of the social revolution."

- Mikail Bakunin





"Six Underground" - Sneaker Pimps

"Start The Revolution" - Marcel Cartier

"Manic Riddim" - UIM Records

"Bloop" - Izayah

"Hyphy" - The Federation



"Historias" - Mente Rebelde

"No Time To Burn" - Black Heat

"Open Letter (Part 2)" - Jay-Z, ft. Common





Mumia Abu-Jamal On Martin Luther King, Jr., Frank Page (, Bolivarian Revolution Continues in Venezuela (Despite U.S.interference), Hidden History: 1912 Massacre Of Afro-Cubans (en Espanol), and MORE...! 

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